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Aerial Hoop

Also known as Lyra, aerial hoop is a fun and exciting way to work out!

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Aerial Hoop will help you build all over muscle strength as well as improving your coordination and stamina. Our beginners classes are taught from the very basics so no previous experience or fitness level is required. You will work through all the basic skills including mounts, seats, various tricks and transitions as well as lots of strength and conditioning exercises.


Your Instructor will let you know when you are ready to move on to the next level which will introduce top bar work, combinations and dynamic movement.

We have 4 hoops in our Studio, varying in size and teach a maximum of 8 per class, so you get lots of time in the hoop. We recommend that you wear leggings and socks. The hoops can cause some discomfort to the hands and backs of the knees initially but our moto is 'no pain, no gain!'

Private Lessons and small group bookings are also available.

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