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Stretch & Tone

Open to ALL levels of fitness/flexibility - even if you cannot touch your toes!
This is a mat-based class open to anyone & everyone.

You will work through a variety of different techniques to effectively and safely achieve greater all-over flexibility, heavily focusing on your legs and hips. Whether you want to improve your range of movement, posture and strength or learn to do the splits – this is the class for you!


This class is open to anyone but if you are a pole or hoop student then you will know that flexibility is fundamental to the success in a number of moves - incorporating developmental stretching at an early stage will really assist your progression. You DO NOT need to be flexible to attend this class!

You do not need to bring anything to class as we supply all equipment, but you are welcome to use your own yoga mat if you prefer.

We also have a variety of different mat-based classes available on our On-Demand platform, which gives you unlimited 247 access for just £20 per month. This can be purchased via our booking system.

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